Weekly Patent Round-Up

A review of weekly patent round-ups reveals a lot of patent applications in the realm of drone communication.  The big hitters are investing their money attempting to get licensing and be chosen for drone delivery and other autonomous drone uses.  IBM is in the running.

Their latest patent application focuses on drone safety during inclement conditions.  Drones cannot safely operate under extreme weather conditions.   As such, IBM is developing a system to detect and safely ground UAVs during inclement weather conditions.  Figure 2 is exemplary.

Claim 1 reads as follows:

1. A system for drone coordination comprising logic to: detect an adverse weather condition; detect a plurality of drones operating in a region to be affected by the adverse weather condition; and transmit a request to the plurality of drones, the request indicating that each of the plurality of drones is to return to an emergency landing site to be selected from a set of predetermined emergency landing sites, the emergency landing site for each drone to be based in part on the location of the drone at the time of transmittal of the request.

It will be interesting to see how the claims progress as the patent application undergoes prosecution.

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