Continuing the Anti-Drone Trend

Tech Crunch just reported that yet another anti-drone company has raised a large sum of money, to the tune of $5.5 million.  According to the article, Fortem Technologies, Inc.‘s new round of seed funding was led by Signia Venture Partners and Data Collective (DCVC).   Apparently, Fortum Technologies “proprietary radar technology” sets it apart from competitors.  A quick search of the USPTO uncovered a few patent applications with Timothy Bean, Fortem’s CEO, as the inventor. However, these were all assigned to a previous competitor. Given the “proprietary” status and the competitiveness of this arena, it is a safe bet that Fortem will maintain their technology as a trade secret.

This 2015 Popular Mechanics article by Carl Franzen really predicted the market well.  As of January, James Carlini reported 22 companies he located in the anti-drone market and Fortem was not one of them, among a few others I could name.

A review of DroneShield’s website easily reveals the cause.  Their website lists airports, prisons, government, infrastructure, and commercial venues as places to protect.  This doesn’t include military applications, privacy concerns, national parks, protected airspace, environmental protection, or the voluminous other incidents where anti-drone technology could be safe.

Would you purchase anti-drone technology if it became available to the general public?  Or, if you are an avid drone user, how do you convince people that commercially available anti-drone solutions are not necessary?

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