Drone Defense on the Rise

Just as drones themselves are gaining traction, so too are drone defenses. It’s not hard to understand why.  Earlier this year, I was shown a video of ISIS using a commercially available drone to drop a bomb on unsuspecting soldiers.  Isis is even using this as a recruitment tactic (warning – link contains video of disturbing footage).

Given the increase in drone defense companies, it was not a stretch to see an article from the Army Times reporting the Army has purchased the “DroneBuster” (kuddos to the name on this one).

Picture Courtsey of Radio Hill Technologies

The DroneBuster, developed by Radio Hill Technologies, is a small gun-like device to jam drones.  The DroneBuster jams ISM frequencies as well as GPS frequencies.  Per Radio Hill Technologies website, the DroneBuster intercepts the drone command link and commands the drone to descend or go home.  Hopefully this equipment provides safety and security to our troops on the front line.

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