Weekly Drone Patent – Lasers!

In reviewing last week’s published patent applications and issued patents was a clear winner.  LASERS  Immediately, I thought of Dr. Evil.

After all, who doesn’t like a good laser post? Therefore, I bring you U.S Patent No. 9,587,915 to Hagen & Gedek titled “Airborne Laser Weapon System” Claim 1 reads as follows:

1. A laser weapon system, comprising: at least one laser generating unit; at least one output stage element; a beam optics element; a ground-based part; and an air-based, fully moveable part; wherein the ground-based part is configured at least to generate energy for the laser weapon system, wherein the air-based part is configured to acquire a target for the laser weapon system, wherein the beam optics element and the at least one output stage element are arranged on the air-based, fully movable part, wherein an optical fiber is configured to transmit energy from the ground-based part to the air-based part and convey communications between the ground-based part and the air-based part.

Figure 3 is shown below.

As seen in the claims, the invention uses a ground-based static part and an airborne movable platform.  The ground-based system generates the energy required for the laser and the airborne platform redirects the energy to the target object.  As simple as this may seem, the redirection is not without risks.  If part of all of the laser beam is not redirected, it may continue along its original path in perpetuity into space.  This may disrupt air traffic and satellites.

This technology is interesting but is a reminder of the weaponization of drones and its implications in society.

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